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5218 Lawton Avenue
Oakland, CA 94114


Oliver McCrum Wines has been importing small production Italian wine and distributing to fine retail and restaurant establishes throughout California since 1994. Over time, our portfolio of producers has steadily grown to over 45 producers from 15 different regions of Italy. We look for typical Italian wines with clarity and freshness, usually made from indigenous Italian grape varieties using clean, transparent winemaking techniques and no obvious use of oak. 

Harvest Update: Niedrist

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Harvest Update: Niedrist

Michele Boscia

We are very satisfied with the harvest. Our grapes were beautiful, healthy and ripe. The weather – except for some days – has been perfect to bring in the crops. Due to the wet and cool weather during spring, the harvest time delayed this year – which turned out to be an advantage on account of the cooler temperatures now. The beautiful and dry summer enabled a good ripening process. The ripening also benefited from the cool nights and warm days of the last weeks. We harvested considerably late this year. The  wines show, indeed, a good physiological ripeness – they have a good acid and sugar content. The current year is marked by high quality and a slightly higher yield.

-Elizabeth Niedrist